Rob Zerban’s straight talk, Paul Ryan’s buzz words in two 2014 debates





Debate panel 2014


Democratic challenger Rob Zerban debated Rep. Paul Ryan at Carthage College in Kenosha on Monday, October 13. Rep. Paul Ryan has been assigned by Speaker John Boehner as chairman of the House Budget Committee since January, 2011, and seeks re-election to his 9th two-year term in Congress on November 4, Mister Rob Zerban started and grew two small businesses, and was previously elected to the Kenosha County Board of Supervisors.

Mister Zerban and Rep. Ryan delivered their respective policy viewpoints on ten topics in response to questions posed by Carthage College professor of political science, Jeffrey Roberg, Ph.D.

Carthage College offers full replay the complete debate at YouTube.

Kenosha Democrats present here the audio of that debate, recorded during its broadcast on Monday evening, October 13, separated into segments for convenient listening to each candidate’s viewpoint on each of the ten policy topics.

Time for each segment and topic raised by Prof. Roberg’s question.

1.04 Welcome by Carthage College President Gregory Woodward

1.05 Introduction to the debate, explanation of its conduct by Prof. Jeffrey Roberg

4.38 Opening remarks by Rep. Paul Ryan, Mister Rob Zerban

5.16 Higher education

4.46 Iraq, Syria, how to pay for armed forces now and past wars

5.14 Climate change, what American cation to deal with it

4.10 Affordable Care Act

5.04 Social Security

4.32 American global leadership

4.41 American domestic economy, “have and have nots”

4.24 Employment compensation, gender equality

5.09 Federal debt of $17 trillion

5.10 Immigration, reforming it in law

5.30 Closing statements and moderator’s closing comments

The Monday, October 13, 2014 debate was hosted and broadcast by Carthage College as a public service. These audio segments were excerpted independently.

Click the link to learn more about Rob Zerban for Congress

Rob Zerban and Rep. Paul Ryan met for their second debate, in a Question & Answer format, on the campus of University of Wisconsin-Rock County on Monday, October 20, 2014. They spoke of bipartisan compromise being dependent upon civil dialogue and addressed each other accordingly, differing sharply on several issues while refusing to speak insultingly to each other. Together, each candidate showed their local audience and anyone viewing the Internet streamed telecast how traditional comity among members of Congress is conducted regardless of policy differences.

Local news media collaborated to present the debate, Janesville Gazette streaming the Internet  telecast and local AM radio station WCLO morning show host Tim Bremel moderating and posing nine questions.

The Janesville Gazette also posted the second Rob Zerban / Paul Ryan debate to YouTube

Time for each segment and topic raised by moderator Tim Bremel

2.27 moderator Tim Bremel explains second debate conduct

5.22 opening statements by Paul Ryan and Rob Zerban

4.38 paying for higher education

4.38 government dysfunction

5.06 Social Security and Medicare

4.42 unbalanced prosperity gains

4.54 Congress not acting on immigration

4.57 Affordable Care Act and care coverage improvements

5.08 American leadership amid international crises

4.54 national debt and tax reform to repay it

4.42 tell First C.D. voters your top three goals for Congress

7.20 closing statements and host adieu

Moderator Tim Bremel also thanked Chet Daniels for monitoring elapsed time of each candidate response.

Click the link to learn more about Rob Zerban for Congress

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Early Voting Hours Begin October 20, 2014!





Early voting [in-person absentee voting] starts Monday, October 20! Here are the hours for the City of Kenosha. Call your town or village clerk for hours in other municipalities.

You may also register to vote at these times, with proof of identity and proof of residence.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 9.19.10 PM


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PIzza/Packer Party Fundraiser for Rob Zerban




Sunday, October 19, at 11:30am

Rocky Rococo- Kenosha
6320 Green Bay Rd, Kenosha, Wisconsin 53142

The 1st CD is holding a Pizza/Packer Party Fundraiser for Rob Zerban.

The cost of pizza is $10 per person.

An additional donation to the campaign would be appreciated.

Each County Party will be donating an item to be raffled.

Join us for a fun afternoon!!


Senator Bob Wirch Invites You to Meet Susan Happ, Our Next Attorney General

Saturday, October 25 at 12:00pm – 1:30pm

Birchwood Grill
7515 125th Ave, Kenosha, Wisconsin 53142$25 suggested contribution

Please RSVP to Jill McNaughton at


Walker’s Deriliction & Deficit

I'm not one to pat myself on the back, but tooting my own horn? I'm good with that! Back in January I wrote about Walker's Surplus Smoke'n Mirrors, how Walker was falsely taking credit for a project surplus, how it one-time-money and that the fiscally prudent course would be to use it to eliminate the $500 million structural deficit that existed at the time instead of increasing it with more tax cuts for his rich constituents.

And now here in October where does the Badgered State find itself? At least $1.8 BILLION in the RED!

Am I genius? Prescient? No, predicting that Walker's slash and burn tactics would blow up was about as easy as seeing that his austerity policies during a recession would lead to a jobs failure or that hiring crooks and felons might get you investigated!

Scott Walker failing Wisconsin by every metric.

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“Wisconsin Rising” – Exclusive Kenosha Screening


$10 admission, cash, at the door or call 262-945-2091 regarding advance tickets.

Speakers: Director Sam Mayfield, Rep. Peter Barca, and Sen, Bob Wirch

Sponsored by the Kenosha County Democratic Party

About The Film:

“Wisconsin Rising” tells the story of the largest sustained workers resistance in American history. In 2011, Wisconsin was the canary in the coal mine for America as newly-elected Republican Governor Scott Walker suddenly stripped collective bargaining rights from the state’s public employees, undoing eight decades of basic workers’ rights.
Wisconsin Rising catapults the viewer in to the days, weeks, and months when Wisconsinites fought back against power, authority, and injustice.

Following conservative Governor Scott Walker’s announcement of his controversial “Budget Repair Bill,” the people of Wisconsin rose up, occupied their state capitol and took to the streets as rarely before seen in American History. Their collective actions are the largest sustained gathering of any workers resistance in US history.
Many say Walker’s bill is an assault on working people, unions and the poorest, most vulnerable people in the state. At a time when millions of American families feel the crush of debt and joblessness, while large corporations are seeing record profits, Badger State residents demonstrated the strength that comes from a shared sense of community and acting collectively.

Happening on the heels of the revolutionary Arab Spring and months before the Occupy movement, Wisconsinites spontaneously occupied their state Capitol for weeks as never before seen in American History. Wisconsin Rising tells the story of how one state became an economic testing ground for the nation in a political environment where corporations have growing clout and ordinary citizens are losing their ability to obtain redress.

While “Wisconsin Rising” highlights one state’s rejection of a conservative takeover, it is a microcosm of what is at stake in America today, at a time of fiscal crisis, ideologically-driven budgets and social reforms.

About Sam Mayfield:
Sam Mayfield is a video journalist and documentarian from Burlington, VT.

Since 2004, Mayfield has documented stories that remain untold in the corporate media landscape. Her work has been broadcast on PBS, Democracy Now!, Free Speech TV and other progressive media outlets, and has taken her to Mexico, India, West Africa, and Palestine.

In 2011, Mayfield traveled to Wisconsin to cover the popular uprising against legislation gutting basic workers rights. She stayed for seven months, covering the story as it unfolded, ultimately producing from her footage the 55-minute feature documentary film Wisconsin Rising.

Wisconsin Rising is Mayfield’s 2nd documentary. In 2010, Mayfield made the 26-minute documentary film, “Silenced Voices”, that tells the story of a young migrant farmworker who was killed while working on a Vermont dairy farm. Mayfield and two other Vermonters traveled to Mexico to return the boy’s body to his family. There they interviewed family and community members about the impacts of
migration. “Silenced Voices” has been a useful tool in educating lawmakers and citizens in Vermont about immigration issues.

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CROP Walk – Kenosha County Democratic Party Team


Our team is helping to end hunger one step at a time by participating in this year’s CROP Hunger Walk.

Please support us by making a donation … and join us on the Walk!

To donate online, go to

Or contact Rollin Pizzala, Team Captain, for more information or to donate in person. (262) 705-6463


Republicans Want Us to Stay Away From the Polls. Don’t Let That Happen!




Voter ID has recently been implemented, and we need to ensure that everyone who wants to vote is prepared for the sudden changes. It is possible to get photo IDs into the hands of those who need them, but it is critical for every one of you to take part. We need to find out who has proper identification and who does not, and the best way to do that is canvassing door to door. Can you be the difference? Call 262-374-2787 to schedule a time to come help. Republicans don’t want us to vote; are we going to let that happen?

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Help Make Sure Eligible Voters Are Able To Vote

From Mary Burke:

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals paved the way Friday for the state of Wisconsin to require voters to show a photo ID to receive a ballot in November, just weeks away.

We are working around the clock to make sure that every eligible voter who wants to cast a ballot can do so. But we need you to step up right now, in any way you can. Here are just a few ways you can help:

- We have offices that will be launching canvasses and phone banks to turn out voters and make sure they have the proper ID to vote. Sign up to volunteer at an office near you:

- Interested in our voter protection and expansion team? Sign up here — legal background is a plus:

- Help ensure that all eligible voters can cast their ballots by signing up to help at the polls on Election Day:

- Can’t join us in person? Click here to donate and help make sure our staff and volunteers have the resources they need to train volunteers, pay for materials and help voters secure proper identification:

We’re counting on you!


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Republicon War on Representative Democracy

Sticking a flag pin on your lapel doesn’t make you a patriot. It’s what lies beneath in your heart that matters. And with Friday’s appeals court ruling imposing the GOPster’s voter suppression scheme on the Badgered state, the scary war on representative democracy that lies at the heart of the Republicon Party is laid bare. But lying, manipulating, gerrymandering, voter suppression and Blitz Gezetz (lightning law) are the means this minority party needs to obtain its ends. I say minority because that is who they now represent, a very small but increasingly wealthy and powerful minority. The Republicon Party has abandoned their belief in representative democracy and local control. They believe only in wealth and power and the related heresies, that money is speech and corporations are people and should write our laws. If the Boston tea party happened today the Republicons would side with the East India Company.

When Robin Vos gerrymandered Wisconsin, he drew the 21st Senate district just for Van Wanggaard, with the district line running right down the side of his block, thus choosing Wanggaard’s voters for him, instead of the other way around. Vanny must be a very special boy to deserve such treatment. Scott Walker used blitz gezetz by the surprise introduction of Act 10 on a Friday afternoon, when all eyes were turned toward the weekend, with the plan to ram it through the inconvenient formality of public hearings and get it passed the following Thursday, before the citizenry would have a chance to consider it and react.
But their attack on voting rights is an extra special betrayal of our Republic. Armed with laws written in secret, by global corporations at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Republicons all across the country, including those in the Badgered state have moved to advance their hidden agenda, because everything the Cons do has a hidden agenda, EVERYTHING! Their voter suppression agenda is based on a wild conspiracy theory about massive voter fraud, committed on a perennial basis by busloads of brown people. The mechanics of this conspiracy are so ridiculously improbable that you'd have to be completely divorced from critical thinking to swallow it. Just how foolish does one need to be? Let's examine. If one believes that:

Every election year brown people coordinate getting the forged documents needed to register at the polls and travel all over your state committing multiple counts of voter impersonation fraud for democrats and never get caught, infiltrated or have someone spill the beans, one might be foolish enough to vote in Republicons (FEVIR).

Fraudsters never run into poll workers who know they don't live at the addresses they’re attempting to use or who know the real voter in whose name they're attempting to vote, never try to vote under the name of someone who has already voted or that the real voter never shows up later to find that someone has already voted in their name, one might be FEVIRish.

Brown people who are transported to the polls in vans must not be legitimate voters. And people who traditionally vote at rates lower than the general population would be motivated to risk a felony conviction with no chance of direct personal gain to get a job for someone they don't know personally and with no way of knowing if their effort is even needed to win or if it will be enough to be successful, one might be FEVIRish.

The few people who vote while on probation or parole would be identified and stopped by voter ID, one might be FEVIRish.

DMVs across your state have convenient hours and locations with available public transportation and that getting to the DMV to get a photo ID is easily done by the working poor or elderly without a car, one might be FEVIRish.

Everyone lives like you do and has or needs a driver’s license or photo ID and one is so special that it might be one’s personal vote, out of millions, that might be cancelled and that justifies putting road blocks in front of over 300,000 of our fellow citizen’s right to cast their vote, one might be FEVIRish!

The Republicon Party wouldn't trumpet the news all over the media if in fact they were ever able to catch the supposed perpetrators and expose this massive scheme and the reason they have never offered a reward for the exposure of voter impersonation fraud conspiracies is because they just don't have the money, one might be FEVIRish.

Photo ID is about election integrity and not voter suppression,
 the Republicon Party leadership actually believes in freedom and the wild conspiracy theory that they're foisting on us, one is definitely FEVIRish.

Interfering with the right of citizens to legitimately cast their vote isn't just down right Un-American, one is in a complete stupor!
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