Is Florida the Bellwether for the Tea Partiers (Baggers)?

Watching the goings on in Florida lead me to think that the November results in this lean right state will predict either the rise or fall of the so-called Tea Party wing of the GOP or splinter political parties.

First, we have the US Senate race, where TP favorite Rubio is losing to Crist, who keeps tacking more and more to the center, almost leaning left, and gaining ground.  I think the re-energized base of the GOP were not very smart to kick a sitting governor out of their party, because now they likely won’t win the race, losing to a left-leaning independent or the Democrat.

Second, we have this finger pointing, from the GOP (whose own national establishment has been spending a lot of money against TP faves) to the Dems claiming foul play against official “Tea Party” candidates.  Interesting, because those who usually yell the loudest are guilty themselves, as the state GOP openly helps Green Party candidates get on the ballot to siphon votes away from Dems.  How these multi-party races will end up, either favoring the Dem or GOP in total votes, will be quite interesting.

Lastly, popular progressive Dem Alan Grayson being targeted as a ring leader, will it hurt or help him in his conservative leaning district of which he is a one term incumbent?

I’ll be following these goings on and commenting on what I think are the ramifications of this circus in Florida.  How I love the smell of newly played politics!

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